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Rollet Industrial is a cloud based system that allows you to manage your parking zones anytime, anywhere.


Our proprietary LPR+ vehicle recognition technology completely eliminates the need for parking tickets and proximity cards. Beyond license plate recognition, deep learning models are used for fast and accurate vehicle identification – without having to stop before the barrier.

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Fast, non-stop access


Rollet Vehicle ID™️ cameras recognize vehicles in the blink of an eye and instantly lets eligible vehicles pass without having to stop. No more paper tickets or plastic cards to lose.


Connected by design


Rollet Industrial enables unprecedented levels of connectivity. Integrate your ERP, warehouse management, or CRM systems to automate access control based on your unique needs. Connect your enterprise mobile app and give your employees self-service parking. Easy.


Information for your visitors


Directing your visitors to the right place is crucial for efficient parking management. Rollet Industrial gives you smart tools to allocate parking spots, and bright displays to inform your visitors.


Safety and security


Being cloud-based, Rollet Industrial is engineered to be secure at every step of the way. It’s no surprise then that Rollet is relied upon by customers ranging from sensitive manufacturing sites to international airports.


Outstanding reliability


Rollet’s software run on highly redundant systems, with your data backed up every 5 minutes at most. Every feature has been tested through thousands of drive-through events, and software updates continuously introduce optimisations for even better reliability and speed.


Simple installation


Rollet’s Vehicle ID™ cameras and lightweight controller terminal works together with your existing barriers or access control systems and can be set up in the matter of hours.

Recent articles



The future of smart parking is already happening

11 June, 2020

The number of cars in cities are constantly increasing while the number of available parking spaces remain limited due to the lack of traffic throughput capacity. Motorists usually spend an average 1,5 hours a month to find space in the city centre, that equals an average 17 hours a year. Smart parking management makes off-street parking competitive by providing traffic congestion relief.



Increase your parking facility’s capacity with a software

7 April, 2020

Based on motorists’ common experience there’s never been enough parking places at shopping centres, airports, or office buildings and high traffic destinations are getting increasingly crowded. Rollet uses software and hardware to automate as much of the parking process as possible, increasing throughput and thus freeing up capacity.



Hungarian Fintech solution is on The Next Web’s TOP 5 list in 2020

26 March, 2020

The Next Web’s 2020 Tech5 selected Rollet as one of the most influential startups in Hungary. Rollet’s mobility innovation allows any car to become a payment token so the driver can pay for parking, fueling or at a drive-through restaurant just by driving by, without manually making a payment. No interaction is needed from customers because the payment process is fully automated, from car identification to a complete payment transaction.

About Rollet

Rollet pioneers payment-grade vehicle identification and access control technologies. Apart from private parking, Rollet provides technologies and services for paid parking and other drive-through applications.

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