Text your visitor, even before they arrive

Notifications can be triggered when you register a vehicle in Rollet, when the vehicle arrives, or when they pass a checkpoint.

Furthermore, you can trigger notifications to your logistics staff as well. Just-in-time, applied at an even higher level.

From the simplest SMS message to integrating your proprietary applications, Rollet Industrial can connect powerful management tools with the people who ultimately have to navigate the unfamiliar roads.

Efficient freight

traffic control

Rollet Industrial is the perfect solution for access and traffic management for your freight logistics.


    Flexible access management

▶    Time, waypoint, and checkpoint control

    Notifications for your staff and your visitors

    Integration with your enterprise systems

Case_Study_illustration 45.png

Modern guidance displays


Traffic management doesn’t need to be static. Direct your visitors dynamically and efficiently with Guidance Displays, which can display any information in full-color and be installed anywhere.

    Free space availability

    Individual assigned parking space guidance

    Direction arrows depending on space availability

The power of Rollet Cloud


All of Rollet Industrial’s capabilities can be integrated with your Warehouse Management System or Enterprise Resource Planning system via APIs built on tried and tested technological standards.


You can truly automate access control and connect the dots in your logistics processes by adding Rollet Industrial’s hardware solutions to match what’s already in your databases, without hogging up valuable manpower.

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