Industrial park traffic modernization

without breaking ground


Refurbishing your traffic control systems sounds like a lot of construction – which comes with a lot of unwanted complexity and headache.

Thanks to Rollet Industrial’s decentralized technology and lightweight hardware, you can modernize your access and traffic control without breaking ground, in days – not months.

Rollet Industrial was developed from day one to tackle complex problems with simple solutions. This is why we developed our proprietary access control and traffic guidance hardware to be independent of each other, yet seamlessly connect over Rollet Cloud.


System without Rollet Industrial

System with Rollet Industrial


Modern guidance displays


Traffic management doesn’t need to be static. Direct your visitors dynamically and efficiently with Guidance Displays, which can
display any information in full-color and be installed anywhere.

    Free space availability

    Individual assigned parking space guidance

    Direction depending on the visitor’s destination

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