Drive out, and you’re done paying

1 February 2019


Today, parking garage payments are quite a bit of hassle, but it sure would be nice to divert more cars off streets. Rollet created a new solution for this problem. The startup has already closed two investments.


Debrecen likes to pay online

11 January 2019

Besides parking, a greater number of users are turning to digital technologies for seasonal ticket purchases.


Money-saving solutions: Debrecen
cooperates with global companies

11 January 2019

In the most developed regions, just like in Debrecen, Smart City solutions are becoming available to more and more users. By using these services, cities can integrate and apply the newest technologies more efficiently. 


Parking revolution

27 June 2018

Due to the latest IoT-innovations, numerous areas are changed by intercommunication among computers where development was previously sedate.A Hungarian startup just blew up the parking industry.


Rollet is doomed to success

21 June 2018

Neither coins, nor a credit card is needed for the innovative parking system which was newly implemented in Debrecen - just set it up once, andRollet takes care of the parking process automatically. 


Residents in Debrecen got what
they have never seen before in Hungary

13 June 2018

The newest electronic parking system was introduced in Debrecen, for the first time in Hungary. 


Park in Debrecen like nowhere else

113 June 2018


The service is now available in the Halköz underground garage and at Jászai Mari square. Thanks to the new system, visitors can park faster and easier than ever before.


Park smart in Debrecen

13 June 2019


A new electronic payment system was introduced in Debrecen - announced by Lajos Barcsa, the Deputy Mayor of Debrecen during Wednesday’s press conference.


A new electronic parking payment
system was launched in Debrecen

13 June 2018

A new electronic payment system was introduced in Debrecen - announced by the Deputy Mayor of Debrecen at Wednesday’s press conference.


After e-ticketing, e-parking is now
available in Debrecen

13 June 2018

The newest generation of mobile payments was introduced in Debrecen, created by Rollet.