office parking


Office building parking garages are often a major pain point for building management.


Asset managers typically have to choose between efficient utilisation of the garage at a high cost of manpower, or keep parking operations simple but leave tenants underserved and sacrifice extra revenues.


With Rollet Industrial, tenants can self-manage their allotted parking for employee parking and guest parking.


​User friendly platform

  • Complete control via a web browser from any computer, for a  user-friendly experience and easy learning curve

  • Simple and comprehensive reports directly accessible for tenants, reducing your overhead

  • Live technical support provided via chat by Rollet


Hourly guest parking spaces can continue to be managed by reception staff with smart tools to quickly and efficiently grant access for non-regular visitors.


Bill your tenants for parking in just a click


Rollet Industrial helps you easily reconcile pass payments
and guest parking, whatever your price policy is. With detailed reports of parking sessions and fees, you can finally apply flexible and accurate billing, whether you have one tenant
or a hundred.

Open for public parking


With Rollet, you can easily open up your garage for paid public parking and increase your revenues. Depending on your needs and available capacity, public parking can be set up with various payment options:

Case_Study_illustration 45.png

1. App-only payments 


seamlessly generate income from your parking lot, with zero work. No parking tickets and no manpower required.

2. Mobile ticket payments

need an inclusive solution for public parking, but cash handling isn’t worthwhile? Rollet’s parking kiosk allows motorists without the Rollet app to enter your garage and pay for parking by card by visiting the payment page on their smartphone.

3. Complete pay station solutions 


provide a full range of parking payment options to your visitors with Rollet’s pay stations.

Let us know 
your needs

Our solution engineers will be happy to help you set up Rollet Industrial to suit your requirements.


Interested in how we can help with your parking challenges? Get in touch today.

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